Monday, February 21, 2011

Status Report 2/20/2011 and Current Whereabouts

Durham, NC: Sent with a squad on Specter's orders. Participated in the defense of a residence from some of Fisk's boys. There were more than I'd thought there would be.

We appeared to find five teams approaching from the street and two from the back yard. Shots had already been fired, the house was riddled with bullet holes. We worked with the civilians in the residence to eliminate all hostiles. Three of my squad were killed in the process--two from Fisk's operatives, one from friendly fire.

After the building was secure, the rest of the team went back to base. I was given orders to guard Ava's mother until further notice in the event she became a target for attacks. She *really* didn't like me at first, but I've been talking with her, mask-off. That's technically a no-no but regardless.

I got a good feeling about this one. At least now she's not glaring daggers at me, even if she doesn't talk back.


  1. Sorry mate, job's a job and Daisee's a hell of a woman. Gonna have to earn my paycheck on this one.

  2. And no, man, I didn't mean to delete your post. This blog sucks horse cock.

    Long story short, you go after the lady you and me are gonna have words.

  3. Who is coming after me?! Is it someone I should be worried about?!

    And why /you/ of all the people they could have assigned?


  4. 1) One of Fisk's boys, I'll be on high alert for the next month or so in case they make their move by then.

    2) Personal request. Don't worry, beautiful, I'm not going to threaten to put any more holes than God gave you in you.