Thursday, February 17, 2011

Status Report

Gaunt took out Sigma and Gamma squads. They were pussies anyway, really. Once he got into the bomb shelter we were holding the lovely Daisee in, well. If Fisk is working for something like that, I think the paycheck just got four or five zeroes too small.

Theta One was ordered to start untying her. Yes, Ava, she's fine. We'll be giving her a Class C amnesiac as to her whereabouts and any personal information I let drop, though she'll put a face to me. Can't forget a guy as handsome as I am.

Theta Two through Five and I laid down suppressive fire in the center mass--shaking too bad to go for the head. Didn't do any notable damage, but it kept him stumbling and stopped long enough for Theta One to get the hostage free. Kept her behind me with Theta One trained on her so she didn't get ideas. Backed out of the bunker, locked the door behind me.

Theta Two through Five are scheduled to be posthumously honored for valorous service in Afghanistan, I hear. Theta One's still with me, we're going to let Daisee go on her merry way once the drug takes effect.

Now, don't get me wrong here, if I was still working for Fisk (I tendered my resignation about five minutes ago) Strahm would still be my priority. But I'm also a lot smarter than I let on.

Fisk can suck my big black dick. Myself, I'm going to go get some clean pants.


  1. You see this ---> XD

    That is my laughing face.


    Laughing at you.

    All that big talk....and you went and literally shat your pants.

    And Mother's alive.

    I seem to bump into the most incompetent millitary twats ever.

  2. that was sure fun delty. we should do it again sometime.

    i'm glad we learned something today.

  3. Well, I could have left her trussed up and sent in an order for an air strike, Ava. As it stands, though, I've dropped your dear ma off at a bus station, pinned a $20 to her collar, and Theta and me are making plans to raid HQ for what we can info-wise.

    You guys suck, seriously, and I hate you all to the core of my soul, but I hate Gaunt just a smidgen more, dig?

  4. but we're friends, right delty? best friends forever.

  5. I would say something cruel and mean, but at least you're cute unlike Mouthy over there. So, sure. Just next time, send me Cthulu or something, would you? I can handle them, some guy walking RIGHT THROUGH A SEVEN-INCH-THICK STEEL DOOR is not on the list of bullshit I signed up for.

  6. D-5 May I direct you to the PTC if you want to get into this shit?

    By the way, you're screwed now, you've seen him, he'll be after you.

    For that, I am sorry. However I feel it is karmic retribution for your bravado earlier.

    I take that back, no one really deserves what he can deal out.

  7. Wasn't baravado. I really was going to do it. But, now, situation's changed some.

    Ergo, Strahm can take a hike and Fisk can suck my dick, I've got numero uno to keep an eye out for now.

  8. Aw look, the Big Bad Black Ops Bastard has a soft spot.


    You're on my list, but you're lower than Him. You're a little lower than Redlight. But you're no lower than that.

    I will hurt you for what you did.

  9. D-5. it's alright, trust me, we've been where you are. It can be...tolerated as best as one can, that said, don't make any long term plans.

  10. I've actually got a soft spot for rabbits. Used to own one when I was a kid. Called him Jimmy.

    Also, I love you too, Ava.

  11. A wise choice, Delta.

    But don't you dare think about coming back all apologetic. We're not stupid, and we don't forgive so easily.

    If you want to prove yourself, it's going to take something a lot better than guns under pillows, or anything like that.

    Now go clean up, and try to learn from this experience.

  12. Ava, i know he's an ass, he knows it too, but he's just realized what we've been up against.

    Now's a critical moment, in which he does one of three things

    tries to survive
    the third involves a bullet

    i personally wish for no more blood on my hands

    D-5, I suggest you do some reading

  13. Storm, I don't do apologies. I don't do party vans with candygrams, and I don't do guns under other peoples' pillows.

    I do, however, have an exhaustive list of the other operatives on Fisk's programs and their location, as well as a number of operatives within the FBI, CIA, and NSA who are either Indoctrinated or on Fisk's payroll.

  14. D-5, hell welcome to the Dark Forest.

    Good Luck.

  15. Remnant. Butt out. He was going to kill my Mother. I'll forgive him OR NOT in my own fucking time.

    Besides,I've already taken it down a step from "Kill" to "Hurt" haven't I?

    That's about as close as I'm going to get to forgiving for the moment.

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  17. fair enough, i suppose I've been a bit desensitized to all the kidnappings lately.

    my apologies to you Ava.

  18. Delta Five, I am Specter, current executive officer of the Slender Man Division of the Paranormal Termination Consortium.

    You and your friend Theta One just passed our audition. Welcome aboard.

    And, in case you're not interested in our job offer, I'm afraid you've been working for a source of known opposition to the P.T.C. and certain Irregulars that have assisted us in the past. You can go ahead and turn us down, but it'd really be in your best interests to go ahead and take us up on it.

    A gunship is on standby to extract you, but it could easily be given the signal for weapons free when it gets you on thermal imaging.

    And don't bother trying to hide or leave your current location. We'll just find you again.


  19. Go ahead and drop the ladder once I get by. Theta One isn't down with it, odds are he's going to Tijuana or something. I don't really care, dude's annoying.

  20. ooooh did i help with the audition? i'm awesome!

  21. by all means, Ava, make him hurt, but try not to be TOO vindictive about it. knowledge is power, and we could all use a bit more of that.

    y'know... provided no more dick moves are made. we've all had enough hostages and betrayal to last a good long while.

  22. Sent the word to pick you up and/or utterly destroy you about ten minutes ago. Expect it in the next hour.

  23. Haha, you saw him huh? maaaaan. This is interesting. I'm not sure if reading will help though.

  24. Gonna resolve it with a coin flip, I take it?

  25. Our fate-selection method is classified.

    Just sit tight and hope for the best. Always remember, it's not too late to fuck up.

  26. Why me?

    Why did you take ME and why did you taunt my Daughter?

    She's /18/ she shouldn't have to make a choice like that.

    Horrifyingly little man.

  27. "Horrifyingly little man"
    Now, let's not get me and Sigma Three mixed up. Now there's a serious Napoleon complex if I ever saw one.

  28. You didn't answer my question, Delta-Five.

    You are. Emotionally little. Morally tiny.


  29. Small is a funny word.

    People who don't see past themselves are 'smallminded'

    People who really understand, also realize exactly how small they are.

  30. As to why, beautiful, mostly because you were in the wrong place at the right time.

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  32. cerebus

    theres only room for one cryptic fuck on this blog

    and he's sitting in the comfy chair called 'dibs'

  33. No more worries about that. To go Black Leaf's blog. According to him, Cerberus isn't going to be sending anyone anymore messages, ever.